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Telecommunications Abbreviations Dictionary: A-D  E-K  L-Z

  • EDGE - Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution - a wireless broadband technology similar to EVDO but used on GSM networks. EDGE download speeds range from 100 Kbps to 300 Kbps.
  • EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile
  • EIGRP- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • EIR - Exceeded Information Rate
  • E-LAN - Ethernet LAN, a Layer 2 service - multipoint to multipoint service - totally meshed network
  • EMI - Enterprise Mobile Integration - allows extension of PBX functions to a cell phone.
  • ENNI - External network to network interface; i.e., an interface connecting two networks usually networks of different providers.
  • ENS - Enterprise Network Service = E-LAN
  • Enum - Electronic Numbering - an IETF standard expected to marry PSTN to IP networks
  • EoC - Ethernet over Copper
  • EoDS1- Ethernet over DS1
  • EoDs3- Ethernet over DS3
  • EoF - Ethernet over fiber
  • EoTDM- Ethernet over TDM
  • EoX - Ethernet over Copper, DS1, DS3, or TDM
  • EPL - Ethernet Private Line - point-to-point EVC
  • EP-LAN - Ethernet Private LAN which is the same as an E-LAN
  • EPVC - Enterprise PVC
  • ESG - Enterprise SIP Gateway
  • E-UNI - Ethernet User-to-Network Interface - the point of demarc between the MEN and the CE.
  • EUCL - End User Common Line charge aka as the subscriber line charge - a monthly charge added to phone, voice T1 and PRI bills to cover state and federal charges. The EUCL is part of the FCC-mandated tariffed access charges that recover LEC costs associated with the origination and termination of interstate calls.
  • EVC - Ethernet virtual connection - connects two or more E-UNIs across the MEN.
  • EVDO - also abbreviated as EV-DO, EvDO, 1xEV-DO or 1xEvDO - Evolution Data Only or Evolution Data Optimized - a wireless radio broadband data protocol used with CDMA featuring download speeds possibly up to 3.1 Mbps (Rev. A). Today's average EV-DO download speeds average 300 Kbps to 500 Kbps with peak rates of 2.4 Mbps. Upload speeds average 50 Kbps to 70 Kbps with peak rates of 144 Kbps.
  • EVDO card - card that plugs into the PCMCIA slot on your laptop (almost all laptops have a PCMCIA slot), and as long as you can pick up a decent signal from that carrier's cell tower, you can get online with your laptop and this manufacturer-specific air card - aka "air card".
  • EVPL - Ethernet Virtual Private Line - point-to-multipoint EVC = a hub and spoke
  • FAP - Fair Access Policy - A policy that allows everyone over a satellite connection to have access to a certain minimum bandwidth. To accomplish this, a transmission limit is enforced. When a user exceeds the limit, their bandwidth is severely limited for a certain period of time that may vary from a day to a month. It's important to read the providers Terms of Service to understand the exact policy.
  • FMC - Fixed Mobile Convergence - the integration of landline and wireless technologies and services into a single telecommunications network.
  • FOC - Firm Order Commit Date - Outside Wiring Date
  • FroSDSL - Frame over SDSL
  • FTTH - Fiber-to-the home
  • FTTN - Fiber-to-the-node - broadband service offered by some carriers, for example, AT&T, Qwest and Bell Canada
  • FTTP - Fiber to the premises
  • FTTX - Fiber to the neighborhood, for example, Verizon's FiOS.
  • FXO - Foreign Exchange Office - a telephone signaling interface or device that works with POTS by generating off-hook and on-hook indications at the FXS's end of a telephone circuit. Examples of FXO devices are standard analog telephones, fax machines, analog modems, and PBXs.
  • FXS - Foreign Exchange Station - a telephone interface which supplies battery power, dialtone, and ringing voltage via a special line run between a local FXO device and a remote CO/LEC switch or PBX switch. The local FXO device is assigned a number on a remote switch; and for all inbound and outbound calls, the device acts like it is connected directly to the remote switch.
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - a European Union regulation that standardizes data privacy laws across Europe.
  • GFP - Generic framing procedure - GFP can be used to import non-traditional services such as Ethernet and storage area networks to Sonet.
  • GPS - Global positioning satellite - GPS chips, embedded in equipment, communicate with GPS satellites to identify the equipment's location.
  • GRE - Generic Routing Encapsulation
  • GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications - cellular technology used in over 100 countries by carriers such as T-Mobile.
  • HA - High Availability
  • HaaS - Hacking as a service - Service available on the dark web to enable hacking.
  • HDMI - High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  • HFC - Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network - A HFC network is comprised of optical fiber cable in some parts and coaxial cable in other parts. Typically fiber is installed from the cable head-end (distribution center) to serving nodes. The serving nodes are connected directly to businesses and homes.
  • HPNA - Home Phone Network Alliance - Version 3.1 is a recognized ITU standard that can use copper pairs and/or coax to distribute multimedia applications throughout a home at up to 320 Mbps.
  • HSPA - High Speed Packet Access - an attractive option to 3G with download bandwidth between 3.6 and 14.4 Mbps. HSPA+ can give even higher bandwiths - up to 21 Mbps.
  • HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol
  • HSUPA - High Speed Uplink Packet Access
  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
  • IAD - Integrated Access Device - Device used to breakout voice lines from data channels on a T1; usually has built-in router functionality; depending on the carrier, voice lines can be delivered either as digital or analog (DS1 or PRI).
  • IAM - Identity and Access Management
  • ICB - Individual Case Basis - Pricing that is not standard but that must be developed manually for special situations.
  • ICT - Information and Communications Technology.
  • IDSL - ISDN Digital Subscriber Line: DSL service with limited availability. Allows 18,000-feet coverage and a upstream and downstream bandwidth of 144 kbit/s, slightly higher than the bandwidth of a bonded dual channel ISDN connection at 128kbit/s.
  • ILEC - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier - the phone company that was providing local telephone service when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted.
  • IMS - IP Multimedia Subsystem - a Next Generation Networking architecture that supports a wide range of IP-based applications over packet-switched and circuit-switched networks using SIP. IMS allows network operators and service providers to control and charge for each service; it merges the Internet and Cellular worlds.
  • IoT - The Internet of Things - refers to the idea that numerous devices will be connected to the Internet in the near future, not only desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones but also alarm systems, toasters, thermostats, and many other objects.
  • IP - Internet Protocol; Internet Pipe
  • IPAM - IP Address Management - usually accomplished using spreadsheet, database, or other automated tools.
  • IPP - Internet Printing Protocol - allows you to print to a network printer by specifying the device's URL
  • IPS - Intrusion-prevention system - system loaded with filters taht halt attacks against system vulnerabilities
  • IPsec- Internet Protocol security
  • IPT - IP Telephony
  • IPTV - Internet Protocol Television - Video programming or Video Conferencing delivered using IP.
  • IRU - Irrefutable Rights of Use contract - Typically, a 10 or 20 year contract whereby bandwidth is sold by one carrier to another. Usually, no money changes hands but it involves a trade of bandwith.
  • ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
  • ISP - Internet Service Provider
  • IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Telecommunications Abbreviations Dictionary: A-D  E-K  L-Z

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