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RBOC stands for Regional Bell Operating Company. RBOCs are also known as LECs or Local Exchange Companies or as Baby Bells. They were the seven regional companies split off from AT&T by court order in 1984. Since 1984, some RBOCs have merged, bought other companies and/or changed names.

Currently, the RBOC Areas are: Bell South, Qwest (formerly US West and now merged into Century Link), the new AT&T (formerly Southwest Bell but only those areas that were Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, or Ameritech), and Verizon areas that were originally Bell Atlantic or NYNEX. The vast majority of landline phones in the USA are in RBOC areas.

Some low long distance rates are only available in RBOC areas. Because of mergers and purchases by RBOCs, some rates available in "RBOC Areas" are not available in areas now served by RBOCs. Even if you are outside these areas, enter your phone number as requested by the Long Distance Phone Service Best Rate Calculator or the individual service order section and, before you have to commit, you will be informed of the competitive rates available for your location.

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