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You may be eligible for a substantial reduction in long distance rates. A 60 Minutes show verified that many long distance companies are charging more than market value. You can reduce your bill without sacrificing the quality of your calls or the customer service you receive! We help you compare the plans of top-notch long distance companies which have demonstrated the ability to offer you great rates as well as world-class customer service.

Although metered plans are best for phones that average a small number of minutes of usage per month, many organizations today opt for unlimited calling plans. Unlimited calling options are available for most phone plans today, especially VoIP and UCaaS. However, unlimited calling plans are not available on most PRI or SIP options. Note that many phone service providers use the term "unlimited calls" to mean something different to what it appears to mean. For example, they may use it to mean "unlimited calls up to what a typical organization uses" perhaps plus some minutes but not truly unlimited. There are likely to be issues on months that you exceed that amount of minutes. Unlimited calling plans typically include the domestic US states, at least the continental 48. Some unlimited calling plans include one or more other countries, often Canada. In most cases, by paying an additional monthly fee, you can add additional countries to the unlimited calling area. You can read more about VoIP and UCaaS Phone Service at this link.

At Persimmon, you are offered the BEST plans in the industry for your business Telecommunications needs. For POTS, POTS Replacement, SIP, and UCaaS options, the quickest way to obtain quotes that satisfy your organization's needs and desires is to contact us. The quickest way to choose the best T1 or PRI local and/or long distance plan for your location and your calling habits is to go directly to our Best Rate Calculator . You can read more about long distance service at this link. Or, if you would like us to verify whether you are paying a fair price, fax typical phone company invoices to 1-609-613-9791 for a complimentary analysis.

If your long distance bill is over $30 per month for any one line, you may benefit from a traditional Unlimited Calling plan. However, unlimited VoIP and UCaaS plans are the best for most such situations.

For any location where you have an onsite PBX or IPPBX and you desire to keep it for the time being, a few months before your T1, PRI, or SIP contract is coming due for renewal, see voice T1, PRI, and SIP price quotes for attractive options. On the "Service Type" drop-down menu, choose Voice.

If your current internet service does not provide high quality VoIP or UCaaS voice service, you can obtain real time quotes for fiber ethernet service at this link. A better solution, might be to add a less expensive circuit and connect your internet circuits using SD-WAN. The SD-WAN approach using 2 or more internet connections may cost less than a fiber circuit, and normally provides at least as good a quality voice service. Furthermore, it will be more reliable than ethernet fiber if you use 2 or more diverse internet circuits.

For the best International rates, contact us with the countries of interest and estimated usage and we'll give you some options. We can give you options including POTS replacement plans, Voice Over IP (VoIP) service, and UCaaS. The very best rates can often be obtained if you sign up for a 3 or 5 year contract.

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