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You may be eligible for a substantial reduction in long distance rates. A 60 Minutes show verified that many long distance companies are charging more than market value. You can reduce your bill without sacrificing the quality of your calls or the customer service you receive! We help you compare the plans of top-notch long distance companies which have demonstrated the ability to offer you great rates as well as world-class customer service.

At Persimmon, you are offered the BEST plans in the industry for your personal and/or business Telecommunications needs. The quickest way to choose the best long distance plan for your location and your calling habits is to go directly to our Best Rate Calculator . Alternatively, you could view a list of long distance services and review details of each. Or, if you would like us to verify whether you are paying a fair price, fax typical phone company invoices to 1-609-613-9791 for a complimentary analysis.

If you have a broadband Internet connection (for example, cable, DSL, or T1), Broadband Phone Service is probably the most cost effective service for you.

If your long distance bill is over $30 per month for any one line, you may benefit from a traditional Unlimited Calling plan. However, unlimited VoIP plans are the best for most such situations even if you do not yet have Broadband Internet Access since the cost of the Broadband Internet Access plus the VoIP service may add up to less than your traditional phone bill.

For any location where you have 6 or more phone lines and/or your long distance bill is on the order of $600 per month or more, an Integrated T-1, a voice T1 or PRI may be your best option.

If you are a heavier user, you can obtain real time quotes for full or fractional T-3 Service.

For the best International rates, use our International Long Distance Best Rate Calculator. It allows you to choose whether you want to find the best rates using Calling Cards, Dial-Arounds, Direct Dial 1+ plans, and/or Voice Over IP (VoIP). The very best rates can be obtained if you sign up for a VoIP plan which involves a monthly rate. However, the VoIP plan can replace a standard telephone line totally. Here are sample rates for VoIP calls from the USA as of December 2006. Using Phone Power VoIP service you can call Argentina, France, Hong Kong, China or India for under 2 cpm (cents per minute). Our VoIP providers also offer bundles that are very attractive if you do a lot of International calling. Go to the individual sites linked to from the VoIP Provider page to see the various options.

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